Follow the path of Luchinski… ‘ERA 0.77’ perfect showcase, treasure came to NC

Do you follow the path of Drew Luchinski (Oakland Athletics)?

Will the foreign pitcher NC selected as Luchinski’s successor be exported back to the major leagues again? Although he didn’t make his official debut in the pennant race, his performance in demonstration matches is overwhelming. You can see why they filled up the highest amount (1 million dollars) that can be given to a new foreign player.

Eric Peddy had 5 ⅔ innings, 1 hit, 6 strikeouts and no runs against KIA in Gwangju on the 25th. 7 hits, 12 strikeouts, 2 walks, 1 run, ERA of 0.77 in 12⅔ innings in 3 games of this demonstration game. It is a combination of a cutter, two-seam, slub, and changeup with a fastball in the early 150km range. It even has a command.

Over the past two years, he played 133⅓ and 127 innings for the Washington Nationals, respectively. There were residual injuries. The grades are 7 wins and 9 losses in 29 games in 2021 with an ERA of 5.47. 5.81 ERA in 27 games in the 2022 season, 6 wins and 13 losses. NC selected the 5th starting pitcher in the major leagues. It is rumored that there were other domestic clubs interested.

Peddie even rehabilitated himself with Tommy John surgery in his early professional years. There is a view that his health is a risk, but NC decided that there was no problem at this point and recruited him. It has been calculated that as long as he is healthy, he can show the strength that Luchinski showed.

Since it is an exhibition game, the batters are not in 100% condition. Even so, Peddy’s pitch was certainly sharp. A week before the start of the regular season, his pitching and speed improved a lot. At this point, the start of the opening game against Samsung on the 1st of next month has been virtually confirmed.

Another thing that stands out is the slub. Peddie has been practicing the slub since spring training in Tucson. It is a pitch that is halfway between a slider and a curveball. Pedi explained at the Tucson camp that the curve is slower than the slider, but faster than the curve, and has a larger angle than the slider. He said, “It is difficult with one curve after two strikes. I try to throw a slider that falls a lot.” It means adding variety to the winning shot.카지노사이트

It also means that he constantly thinks about pitching perfection even though he played as a fifth starter in the major leagues. Apparently, a slub is an unfamiliar pitch to hitters in the KBO League. It remains to be seen how effective this pitch will be. Catcher Park Dae-on, who received Pedy’s ball in Tucson, said, “The ball’s movement was so bad that it was difficult to catch.”

In NC, local ace Gu Chang-mo is not very good in the demonstration game following the WBC. It seems that it will take some time to get back on track. So, Peddy needs to show a stronger appearance at the beginning of the season. As a 30-year-old Peddy, he’ll do well in NC and dream of a spectacular return to the major leagues

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