Fallen ‘soccer genius’, manager of Everton sighs, “Should I watch it 24 hours a day?”

 Everton manager Sean Daichi opened his speech again.

Everton appointed Daichi as the successor to Frank Lampard in January to remain in the English Premier League (EPL). The Remnant War is still bloody. Everton is located in 17th place (27 points), the remaining margin of the first division, but there is no difference in points with Nottingham Forest, which is in the relegation zone, 18th place. They are just ahead on goal difference.

There is another concern. dele alida. Ali was loaned out to Beşiktaş in Turkiye but recently returned to England with a hip injury. 먹튀검증

A photo of Ali inhaling ‘hippie crack’ has been exposed, causing a stir. ‘Hippie crack’, also called ‘laughing gas’, means inhaling nitrous oxide in a balloon. The UK government recently announced that it would make the possession of nitrous oxide a criminal offense.

Director Daichi received a question about Ali on the 13th (local time). “In the end, the choice is up to the player. But you have to make a good choice,” he said. “Ali is back from injury. I hope you use the period wisely.”

Besiktas considered canceling the contract with Ali, but the club’s leadership left open the possibility of returning. Speaking about Ali’s future, Daichi said, “He’s not here. He’s out for a while because of an injury. But he knows what to do and what not to do. The manager can’t control all the lives of his players. Should he follow them around all day? After questioning, he emphasized, “The director plays the role of a guide.”

The 27-year-old moved to Everton from Tottenham in January last year. But he can hardly find a way out.

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