‘Dunk shot exploded after block shot’ Choi Bu-gyeong, veteran’s ‘cold-compassion’ close victory 

 “If only I could endure it one more time…”. 

Seoul SK won 82-80 in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Goyang Carrot match held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 23rd. 

With this victory, SK blocked Carrot’s winning streak and recorded 19 wins and 14 losses, tying with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis.  

SK’s veteran big man Choi Bu-kyung contributed 14 points and 4 rebounds to the team’s victory. In particular, Bukyung Choi is a big man, but he also blocked Carrot’s outer shooters through active switch defense. 메이저사이트

After the match, Choi Bu-gyeong said, “The opponent was really good. It wasn’t that we were lacking. We didn’t break down, we played well what we prepared for, and we tried hard not to give up 3-pointers as much as possible. I am happy that I paid back what I suffered last time,” he said.

He continued, “It’s awkward when I match with Jeon Seong-hyun while playing Swiss defense. He matched the team defense well and trusted the players behind him. He defended with confidence.”

Choi Bu-kyung said, “After a good defense, a good attack came out. The pictures came out well. It was done well even in a fast attack situation, and good results came out,” he said. “It is true that mismatches occur. Carrot is a team with excellent concentration, so you must not be vigilant. I played an advantageous game by constantly harassing the opponent with a tall lineup.”

Choi Boo-gyeong had a fierce fight with tall carrot players that day. He was active not only in defense but also in attack. Of course, there were scenes where there was a lot of pressure. In a crucial situation, he was blocked by Carrot foreign player Jonathan Aledge. However, Choi Boo-kyung immediately responded with a dunk, changing not only himself but also the team atmosphere.

Choi Boo-kyung said, “I thought a lot when I was blocked by Aledge. If only I could bear with it one more time… I thought,” he explained. He thought he was in a hurry when he could have easily scored if he took a break in the attacking scene. He also said, “After that, I thought I would calmly play the game. He didn’t lose his cool and he figured he had to come to the game. The opportunity came right away and dug into the bottom of the goal. He also succeeded in dunking through cool thinking and play.”

Choi Bu-kyung, a veteran, is still greedy. He is not usually very angry, but on this day, he calmly participated in the game. He added weight under the SK goal and led the team to victory together.

On the other hand, Choi Bu-kyung said, “It is true that our team is mainly composed of seniors. There are not many players with young energy. However, I think it is necessary to show a good image by integrating well. We have to do well to take good care of our bodies. If you do well, the content of the game can come out well. In the future, we will be able to make good results if we keep close matches.

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