Dongguk University’s Park Seung-Jae shows his ‘fixer instinct’: “This game was different”

“This match was different. I had to solve it.”

Dongguk University’s Park Seung-jae (180 cm, G) played 36 minutes and 14 seconds in the KUSF 2023 College Basketball U-League regular season away game against Myeongji University at Myeongji Natural Campus Gymnasium on 8 August, finishing with 23 points, four rebounds and seven assists. Led by Park’s performance, Dongguk University won 80-70.

After the game, Park said, “We were playing for a playoff spot, so I expected it to be a tough game. But I didn’t expect it to be this hard (laughs). There were some situations where we could have won a little easier, but there were also some regrets.”토토사이트

Park Seung-jae’s performance was exceptional. He made six three-pointers and shot 60 per cent from the field. He scored 16 points in the decisive second half alone, and his seven assists were a bonus.

“I’m always confident in my shooting,” Park said. Of course, when I play the No. 1 position, I try to see more chances for my teammates, but this game was different. I had to take care of it,” he said, showing his confidence.

After the game, Lee Ho-geun expressed his disappointment with the rebounding. In response, Park Seung-jae said, “We had a lot of practice time, but I think we lacked concentration. I think we need to practice more and focus more.”

In conclusion, Park said, “I will play every game as if it is the final. I will show all the skills I have,” he said of his ambitions for the remaining matches.

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