Doherty thinks of Kane more than anyone else… “I’ll help him up when he returns”

Tottenham Hotspur right-back Matt Doherty has said he will comfort Harry Kane.

Kane is the England national team captain and key striker. Just like at Tottenham, Kane is an irreplaceable resource in the England national team. Even in his group stage, Kane faithfully carried out his duties. Although he didn’t score on his own, he moved wide up front, providing space for his teammates and posting 3 assists.

He took on the role of the fixer at the crucial moment. He reported his first goal of the tournament against Senegal in the round of 16, and also scored a valuable equalizer against France in the quarterfinals. But one crucial mistake frustrated Kane as well as England.

Against France, Kane faced two penalty kick (PK) opportunities. The first PK shook the net by fooling teammate Hugo Lloris perfectly. However, in the second PK opportunity, he floated high over the goal and missed. In the end, England lost 1-2, ending their World Cup journey. After the game, Kane couldn’t lift his head in regret and bought many fans’ worries. 토토사이트

First of all, Kane will return to England to rest. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Kane will return to Tottenham on the 19th. Also, manager Antonio Conte will have a meeting with Kane when he returns to check his mental state.”

Ahead of Kane’s return, Doherty said he would welcome his return along with his teammates. Doherty told Football London on the 14th (Korean time), “Kane scored the first penalty, and then everyone knows what happened. It’s harsh on him. These things sometimes It will happen,” he comforted.

He added, “Kane is going to be tough right now, but when he comes back, we’ll center him around and get him back up and running. He’ll be fine. He’s one of the strongest guys mentally.”

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