Does the audience decide the ticket price? Winds of change blowing in MLB

What if fans, not the club, set the ticket price for baseball games? Another sign of change is showing in the American professional baseball Major League (MLB).

American startup ‘TicketRev’ was launched two years ago with the idea of ​​allowing buyers to set their own ticket prices for sporting events or performances. It is intended to apply a kind of ‘reverse auction’ to sports and cultural events.

Ticketrev’s idea is roughly like this. If you select the game and seat you want to watch through the application (app), the selectable price range is displayed in a slide format. The higher the price, the higher the chance of a successful bid. The final price is set somewhere between the price quoted by the customer and market demand.

This idea came from the travel industry. Reverse auctions have been active in the overseas travel industry for a long time.

Priceline, the world’s largest online travel agency that owns ‘Agoda’ and ‘’, started such a service in 1997 under the name of ‘Name your own price’.

Major league clubs want to fill empty stands. Even at a lower price, it is beneficial for the club if it can receive spectators. You can also earn extra income like parking tickets or food. 카지노사이트

Ticketrev recently succeeded in receiving an investment of nearly 1.1 million dollars (approximately 1.45 billion won). Minnesota, a major league team, also stepped up as a major investor. Minnesota is collaborating with Ticketrev to introduce a ticket reverse auction next season in some form.

The idea of ​​a reverse auction came out largely because of the recent decline in major league spectators. The total number of spectators in the major leagues for the 2022 season is approximately 64.6 million. It decreased by nearly 4 million compared to 68.5 million in 2019, before Corona 19.

There are also difficulties. The sports media ‘The Athletic’ said that the issue of equity could be raised. If they get tickets at a cheaper price than season ticket buyers, who are the biggest customers of each club, season ticket buyers have no choice but to be dissatisfied.

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