Djokovic’s 10th Australian Open title… Reclaiming the world number one in tennis

Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia, photo) won his 10th career title at the Australian Open, where he was kicked out a year ago without even competing. Djokovic defeated Stephanos Tsitsipas (Greece) 3-0 in the Australian Open men’s singles final held in Melbourne, Australia on the 29th (Korean time). Djokovic, who regained supremacy two years after 2021, achieved his 10th career victory only in his major tournament, the Australian Open. This is the record for most Australian Open men’s singles wins. Djokovic is the third person to have won more than 10 singles titles in a single major event, following Margaret Court (Australia)’s 11th in the Australian Open women’s singles and Rafael Nadal (Spain’s) 14th in the French Open men’s singles. With this victory, Djokovic also became tied for first place (22 times) with Nadal for the most wins in men’s singles at major tournaments. 메이저사이트

For Djokovic, the joy of writing a great record in this tournament, as well as the meaning of repaying the ‘disgrace’ suffered a year ago, is different. He arrived at Melbourne International Airport to compete in the Australian Open in January of last year, but was sent to a quarantine facility without going to his accommodation because he did not receive the Corona 19 vaccine. As a result, he filed two court cases with the Australian federal government, but had to return to Serbia without being able to compete in the tournament. It is common for a person who is denied entry to Australia once to be banned from entering the country for three years, so there is a prospect that Djokovic may not appear at the Australian Open for the time being.

However, Australia’s Corona 19-related immigration restrictions were eased, and Djokovic participated in the tournament after receiving an authoritative interpretation that he could appear at this year’s Australian Open at the end of last year. As if recalling a series of processes, Djokovic said, “This competition was the most difficult challenge in my life, and this victory is the biggest victory in my life.”

Djokovic, who was 5th in the world rankings before the tournament, rose to 1st in the rankings announced on the 30th by winning this tournament. It is the first time in seven months since June last year that Djokovic has regained the world number one spot.

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