Disadvantageous Vietnam? “Winning with Master Chief Park Hang-seo”…Leadership recognized by other countries

The Indonesian media highly praised the leadership of Park Hang-seo (64), the Vietnamese national soccer team coach. Furthermore, he predicted that Vietnam could beat Thailand in the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup (Mitsubishi Cup) and rise to the top with Park’s tactics and strategies.

Indonesia Next Sports introduced three reasons for Vietnam to win the Mitsubishi Cup on the 15th (Korean time). The first reason was Park Hang-seo’s leadership. The media explained, “Vietnam’s weapon is Park Hang-seo, an experienced Korean coach who is decisive and creates decisive strategies.”

Vietnam drew 2-2 with Thailand in the first leg of the Mitsubishi Cup final on the 13th. They lost 1-2 until the end of the second half, but in the 44th minute of the second half, Boo Van Tan scored a fantastic equalizer. Vietnam will play the second game in Thailand on the 16th. In order for Vietnam to win the title, they must either win the second leg or score three or more goals and draw. Thailand is expected to benefit from the two goals scored in the first game away. Conversely, Vietnam was driven into a difficult situation. 메이저사이트

However, after director Park took office in Vietnam in 2017, he created numerous victorious dramas. In 2018, Vietnam won the championship in this biennial competition, and it caused a sensation by finishing fourth in the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games held in the same year. In addition, he has achieved various achievements such as the 2019 Asian Cup quarterfinals, the 2019 Southeast Asian Games gold medal, and the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian final qualifying round. The head coach of the opposing team, Nuanpan Lamsam, also praised Park as a leader who changed Southeast Asian football.

In this competition, they are also advancing to the finals and challenging to win. Coach Park is expected to resign from his Vietnam coaching post as his contract ends after this tournament. Vietnam’s fighting spirit for victory is boiling.

Next Sports also cited the fact that it was ‘Park’s last tournament’ as the second possible reason for Vietnam’s victory. The media said, “Vietnam will fight with all its might in the second game. Coach Park will not be coaching Vietnam after this tournament because his contract will not be extended.”

The last reason is that Vietnam’s performance in the first game was not bad. Although it was difficult to draw with a last-minute equalizer, Vietnam took a 12-9 overall shot lead in the first game. The media positively predicted that “Vietnam was evaluated for missing many opportunities in the first game. This can be a problem, but Vietnam’s ability to create opportunities can be fully demonstrated in the second game.”

Meanwhile, Indonesia is a team led by Shin Tae-yong. Vietnam and Indonesia faced each other in the semifinals of the tournament, but Vietnam won and advanced to the final stage.

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