‘Director Son Woong-jung’s anger?’… Football Association “Director Son Woong-jung never said that”

 Ahn Deok-soo’s trainer controversy seemed to lead to the composition of the Korea Football Association (Soccer Association) and Son Heung-min’s father, coach Son Woong-jeong.

On the 7th, Son Heung-min’s personal trainer, Ahn Deok-soo, posted on social media, “A lot of things happened in room 2701. Please reflect on this incident and improve it so that there will be a future for Korean soccer. I also spent nearly 20 years on a professional soccer team. I couldn’t help thinking about the future of Korean soccer because I was the one who sent it. Change it. And don’t take care of my family.” It was a sniper article by the Football Association.

Since then, many speculative articles have appeared, and one media reported that coach Son Woong-jung was ‘angry’ that he had lost trust in the Football Association.

In this regard, the Football Association expressed its opinion. An official from the Football Association said on the 12th, “I read an article that manager Son Woong-jung was angry. I contacted Son Heung-min and asked what the situation was. received,” he said.

Following this, the Football Association decided not to take an official response to the excommunication of Ahn Trainor. 스포츠토토

The Football Association said, “From the perspective of the Football Association, it does not seem that the Football Association is officially explaining the problem raised on personal SNS. Internally, we have time to find and review the areas that need to be improved first.”

The Football Association added, “If the Football Association talks about this now, it could be seen as attacking him more. At this time, we will not officially respond.”

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