‘Defeat at the end of the 2nd overtime’ BNK coach Jeongeun Park “Expensive experience”

BNKsome bowed his head after a bloody battle that went to the second extension.

Busan BNK Some lost 62-64 after a close match that went to the second overtime in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league away game against Cheongju KB Stars held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th. BNK Some maintained 4th place with 13 wins and 11 losses.

In a tight match that continued from the start of the game, BNK Some went into overtime with a score of 51-51. When KB Stars added points, Jinan scored under the goal and Lee Sohee made a 3-point shot to make it 60-62. Jinan scored under the goal 5 seconds before the end of the game, and the game was back to 62-62, but BNK Some shook his head at Isul Kang’s mid-range shot 0.2 seconds ago.

Manager Park Jeong-eun, whom we met after the game, said, “It seems that it was difficult because the players shrank. I guess I wasn’t 메이저사이트prepared enough. The players had a good mindset, and they ran hard,” he encouraged.

Before the game, manager Park Jeong-eun predicted that Kim Han-byul would be absent. It was a break due to knee pain. It is only natural that Kim Han-byul comes to mind in the close combat situation. Regarding the presence or absence of Kim Han-byul, manager Park Jeong-eun said, “It was necessary to diversify the attack when it was decisive. (Kim) Seeing that Hanbyeol suddenly fell out of it, he seemed to be confused. Still, I don’t think it was an expensive experience.”

Lee So-hee only scored 2 points in the first half. The field goal success rate was only 33% (1/3). The number of times he touched the ball was also low. In response, “I am weak against my sisters’ screens and strong defense. It seems that (Lee) So-hee was also impatient. She couldn’t get her rhythm in the beginning, but it got better when she got her movements back in the second half. Sohee is excited to find a rhythm from the beginning, so I think she will need a movement for Sohee,” she said.

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