Coach Lim Jong-heon “I want to play football that fans can understand… My goal is PO”

 “I want to play soccer that fans can understand… My goal is to advance to the playoffs (PO).”

Lim Jong-heon (57), coach of Ansan, expressed his determination ahead of the new season.

Coach Lim Jong-heon attended the 5th press conference of the K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the Seogwipo Cal Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do at 1:00 pm on the 6th and took the microphone. He said, “I’ve been coaching Ansan since the second half of last year. At that time, I spent a lot of time. Now, this year, I’ve been training for over a month from winter training, and I’m still in the learning phase.” It doesn’t feel like it’s a bit boring right now, but we’re working hard to become a team that can leap forward.”

The following is a Q&A with director Lim Jong-heon.

▲ What do you expect from freshman Lee Geun-ho and Kim Bum-soo?

I did the best I could and brought in some players with first division experience. Among them, players such as Lee Keun-ho and Kim Bum-soo play a vital role. Lee Geun-ho also serves as the vice-captain. I’m not in 100% condition yet, but I’m taking the lead and working hard. As everyone knows, Kim Bum-soo is a very fast and active player, so he is expected to be a tough player for the opposing team on the pitch.

▲ Key players such as Choi Geon-joo and Lee Sang-min left the team.

It is most regrettable that the players who played the role of aces left. It was sufficiently reinforced with speedy players such as Jung Jae-ho and Kim Bum-soo. Also, I think there are enough players who can play the role of housekeepers. Many players have left and many new players have come in. My role is to create players who can cope well and do more. It will probably be like that in the future. Because finance is not abundant, you have to find good players and send them to good teams to make a profit. There are enough other players like that.

▲ Do you plan to use the three-back this season as well?

Tactics should be tailored to the player composition. There was no significant reinforcement in defense. I think both sides, foreign players, and Lee Keun-ho will serve as a support for the striker. A three-back who can bring fast speed and stable defense this year. Both wing-backs are training to be aggressive.

▲ Asnawi, who played a big role on and off the pitch, left the team.

Asnawi played a big role last year and was influential off the pitch as well. It’s a pity that I sent it too. I think it’s an unavoidable choice given the club’s circumstances. There shouldn’t be a big problem because we’ve recruited about two new 메이저놀이터replacements .

It is very disappointing that a lot of foreign players went out. I had a brief phone call with Asnawi today, and it felt good to hear that he likes me. The regret is very great.

▲ You are famous for developing players during your Bupyeong High School days. Are there any players you are paying attention to ahead of the new season?

I think that a leader can become a great leader only when he meets good players. There are some players to look forward to. There are players who can go up to K League 1 or higher. Lee Geun-ho did not grow compared to the skills he had so far. He is a rare style among Korean players. He wants to make him a better player. There are also players who have passed through the national team by age group, and the biggest dream is to help those players go to the adult national team without stopping here.

▲ Ansan has been called “wolf soccer” for a while. Is there a new modifier you want to acquire?

What I need to do is to create a team by combining well to suit the style of our players. When looking at the composition of the team, the emphasis is on autonomy. I believe that the players will perform well tactically to suit the opponent. Rather than playing wolf soccer, I want to play soccer that fans can understand.

▲ You said that Lee Geun-ho is a rare style among Korean players?

The physical condition is also very good, and the ball management is smooth. In that respect, it is very outstanding among Korean striker resources. Moves well without the ball. I haven’t been able to play a lot due to cruciate ligament surgery, so I’ll have to wait and see, but I’m looking forward to it because it’s soft and comfortable.

▲ Is there a team you want to catch?

The first goal, of course, is to grab a new team and go. If you can’t catch a new team, you can’t produce results. Among the existing teams, it is Anyang, which is close and did not win last year. If you beat Anyang, you will be able to rise to a higher position.

We are also competitive enough among civil clubs. Even while playing last year, I thought a lot about wanting to beat a team like Anyang. When I played the game, I thought it was heavy and difficult. This year’s goal is to win against Anyang.

▲ What is your goal this season?

I came to the field training for the first time and talked naturally with the players. Some players made a promise to ‘go to the PO’. Not only me, but the players also have a strong will. Even if winning the championship is difficult, we are preparing with the goal of advancing to the PO.

▲ You had difficulties at the beginning of last season. When do you expect your first win this season?

If you are worried, you are worried. Some players joined late, and Lee Keun-ho is still only 70% to 80%. The key is to get one win quickly in the beginning. I will pay a lot of attention from the beginning so that I don’t follow the same train as last year. I think if we win quickly and bring a good atmosphere, good results will follow.

▲ We recruited veteran multiplayer Junsu Yoo. What position do you plan to play in?

I’ve been together in Ulsan Hyundai. I think it will play the role of mood maker. This year, I plan to let him play on the defensive side and take over the overall leadership. It’s doing its job well so far.

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