Cho Min-kyu “I want to be ‘the king of many wins, Jo Min-kyu’ rather than specializing in runner-up”

“You did a lot of runner-up last year. So, I want to win a lot this year. haha. I don’t know what people say about drinking kimchi soup, but I’m aiming for 3 wins and the most wins in the season.”

When asked about his goals for this season on the 11th, Cho Min-gyu (35), who started playing on the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) tour in earnest last year, answered, “The king of most wins.” Cho Min-kyu, who debuted as a pro in 2008, is a veteran who has won two wins while playing for 10 years on the Japan Professional Golf (JGTO) tour. His skills have already been recognized as the best, to the extent that he only finished runner-up three times on the KPGA Tour last year. However, for some reason, the sky did not allow him to be called the KPGA Tour ‘winner’, and before he knew it, the modifier ‘runner-up specialist’ was attached to his name.

In an interview with the Seoul Newspaper on the 11th, Cho Min-gyu said, “Last year, there were many championship cups that I missed. It seemed like the sky was saying, ‘It’s not the time yet,’” he said. He then laughed heartily and expressed his confidence, saying seriously, “I really want to win the championship this year.” Cho Min-gyu, who married last December, also made a promise that “if I win, I will shout out my wife’s name.” 메이저사이트

He finished 4th in the KPGA prize money rankings last year and 6th in Genesis points, and is evaluated as having already been technically completed. But last winter, he went through hard training to improve both his skills and stamina. Cho Min-gyu said, “I did a lot of short iron practice and physical training. As much as he sweats a lot, I have faith that he will perform well this season,” he explained.

Last year, as he hovered around the championship to the point of placing second three times and third place once, I doubted that the final mentality might be weak, so when I asked a question, he said, “If you have a weak mentality, you cannot play the tour as a professional golfer for more than 10 years.” Mental strength is thought to be ‘external and internal’. I think he has a strong mind,” he replied.

Having already done many overseas tours, he is famous for speaking English and Japanese well, along with his native Daegu dialect. He also gave affectionate advice to his juniors, saying, “As the level of Korean golf has improved, there are many juniors preparing to advance overseas, so I would like to recommend them to prepare for the language in advance in order to quickly adapt to overseas tours.”

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