Chairman Shakhtar of ’31 billion won achievement’ “I hope that a friendly match will be held between Chelsea and Ukraine soon…”

Shakhtar Donetsk President Rinat Akhmetov expressed his position on the transfer of Mikhailo Mudrik and the use of part of his transfer fee for Ukraine in a statement from the club. 

Chelsea announced on its official website on the 15th that it had signed an eight-and-a-half-year contract with 22-year-old Mikhailo Mudrik, a member of the Ukrainian national football team. 

Having grown up while playing for the prestigious Shakhtar Donetsk youth team representing Ukraine, Mudrik’s strengths include fast dribbling speed and powerful kicks.

In two special seasons Shakhtar made his debut in his adult team and played in the UEFA Champions League, where he was recognized as a talent worth noting. 

Even as Shakhtar drew 1-1 with Real Madrid and won 4-1 with Leipzig in the Champions League in the first half of the 2022/23 season, Mudrik contributed with his excellent attacking power. 

Chelsea decided to pay all the 100 million euros (about 134.5 billion won) that Shakhtar wanted, beating Arsenal, who showed interest together, and succeeded in signing Moudrik. 

In the meantime, it was known through the media that Shakhtar would not use all of the large amount of 100 million euros for the club’s benefit. 온라인카지노

Multiple British media reported that Shakhtar decided to use part of the transfer fee, 25 million dollars, or 31 billion won in Korean currency, to help Ukrainian soldiers, fallen soldiers and their families.

Regarding this, Chairman Akhmetov also announced his position on transfers and the use of transfer fees through a statement. 

“Shakhtar has reached a final agreement with Chelsea,” Akhmetov said. Ukrainian footballer Mihailo Mudrić will continue his playing career as a member of Chelsea in the English Premier League, the top league,” he announced the news of the transfer.

Regarding Mudrik’s transfer, Chairman Akhmetov said, “I am proud of him,” but regretted that the team’s core power could not leave the team and challenge the European competition together, saying, “On the one hand, we also dreamed of winning the European competition.” .

“We will play a friendly against Chelsea at the Donbas Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine. We have to do everything possible so that this day can come as soon as possible.”

Shakhtar agreed to play a friendly match against Chelsea at the Donbas Arena in the event of the liberation of Donetsk, which is currently occupied by Russia, during the transfer negotiations for Mudrik.

It was decided to make it a symbol of victory and reconstruction in Ukraine.

Regarding the use of part of the transfer fee for soldiers, “Shakhtar decided to start the Heart of Azoustal project to help those who took part in the siege of Mariupol, fallen soldiers and their families,” he said. “We, soldiers, participate in the defense. I will spend 1 billion Hriwunya (approximately 31 billion won) to help all those who do, and their families,” he explained. 

Shakhtar, which provided a large amount of money for soldiers and their families suffering from the protracted war, did not forget to thank the soldiers who worked hard for liberation from war and victory for Ukraine through a statement. 

Mudrik’s move, which was transferred for a huge transfer fee, has established itself as a transfer to be evaluated as a hope in Ukraine. 

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