Casemiro after witnessing Manchester United’s 4-0 loss: “Tell me I’ll fix it”

 Will there be a player like Carlos Casemiro (30)? 

Signing a defensive midfielder this summer has been a top priority for United. Manchester United first opened talks with Casemiro from Real Madrid at the end of June, but instead focused on signing Frankie de Jong. Casemiro was patient and wanted to join Manchester United in this situation. 

In August, when De Jong’s deal fell through and Manchester United focused on Casemiro, the team was falling apart unbelievably. Six days after losing 1-2 at home to Brighton & Hove Albion, they suffered a 4-0 defeat to Brentford FC.  메이저사이트

Many at the Manchester United club in charge of the transfer at the time worried that Casemiro might have second thoughts about joining the club. It is common to look at a team that has collapsed and look for another team in search of their own gains. 

However, according to the British media <Telegraph> on the 13th, after witnessing Manchester United’s crushing defeat, Casemiro said to his agent, “(Don’t worry) tell me I will fix it.” After that, his contract was concluded. Casemiro has changed Manchester United, and the team is cruising. 

According to the media, Casemiro is the first to arrive at the training ground and the last to leave. He is a mentor to the young players and acts as a team leader. He is a player that couldn’t be better for Manchester United fans. 

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