Canadian champion “UFC Choi Doo-ho? He was a comfortable opponent.”

Kyle Nelson (32, Canada) did not give high praise to Choi Doo-ho (32), a mixed martial artist who was unstoppable in the fight right before the UFC.

In an interview with Canadian radio station ‘Moose FM’, Nelson said, “I believe it was a match that I won (although it was actually a tie). (It wasn’t at the time, but) I’m not very excited about the decision now.”

The two faced off at UFC Fight Night 218 in Enterprise, Nevada, USA in February of this year. After a 5-minute × 3-round featherweight (-66kg) match, one judge scored Choi Doo-ho a 29-27 win over Nelson, but the other two judged it a 28-28 draw.

“I was comfortable throughout the game,” Nelson said. He felt like I won almost every round.”

Conversely, from Choi Doo-ho’s point of view, it was a game against Nelson that left him regretful that he could have won by unanimous decision if he hadn’t lost one point because his head bump in the third round was pointed out as a deliberate foul.

Nelson said, “I learned a lesson through the confrontation (with Choi Doo-ho). (From now on, no matter what the actual content was) I will fight to finish my opponent (by KO or submission) thinking that I am losing,” he promised his Canadian home fans to participate in UFC fights with a more positive mind.

After the draw with Choi Doo-ho, Nelson will have a home match against Blake Builder (33, USA) at UFC 289 held at Rogers Arena (capacity 19,000) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in June. 메이저사이트

According to the ‘Fight Matrix’, a mixed martial arts ranking system, Builder is ranked 48th in the UFC featherweight division, Doo-Ho Choi is ranked 66th, and Nelson is ranked 70th. Doo-ho Choi, who was ranked 11th in the UFC in December 2016 and January, February, and July 2017, is experiencing a decline in his status.

Choi Doo-ho went through the ups and downs of 3 consecutive losses after his debut in the UFC in 2014. Although he did not defeat Nelson, it is an income that broke the chain of defeat in his return match after 1142 days (3 years, 1 month and 15 days).

Former Canadian ‘Elite 1’ featherweight champion, Nelson entered the UFC in 2019. He drew with Choi Doo-ho and his UFC record was 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses.

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