Brothers united for 2 consecutive championships at Korea University, MVP Moon Jeong-hyeon and Freshman Moon Yoo-hyeon

 Brothers Jung-hyeon Moon and Hyung-yoo Yoo, who had a meal together for the first time, are sweating hard for Korea University’s second consecutive victory.

Korea University is conducting battery training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do for about two weeks from the 13th (Mon) to the 25th (Sat). Last season’s U-League MVP Moon Jeong-hyeon and freshman Moon Yoo-hyeon are also sweating hard for their team’s second consecutive victory.

4th grader Moon Jeong-hyeon and 1st grader Moon Yoo-hyeon both wore Korea University uniforms after graduating from Hwabong Middle School and Muryong High School, but due to the 3-year age difference, they have never played on the court together. The Moon brothers, who wore the same uniform for the first time this season, seemed to have a special feeling.

Moon Yoo-hyeon said, “Hyung scolds me a lot in front of me, but he’s an infinitely warm person behind the scenes. He is also good at basketball, and I thought that we could create synergy if we played together. It’s unfortunate that the field goal success rate is bad, but that’s something that can be solved if I give a good pass (laughs).”

Moon Jung-hyun said, “This is the first time I started playing basketball and played for the same team. I always scolded him, but since he plays on the same team, he seems to be a smart and good resource. If I try harder, I think it will become a plus resource for the team.”

There are many evaluations that both brothers have exceptional skills, but last season, there were conflicting performances and evaluations. Moon Jung-hyun was selected as the college league MVP and the adult national team reserve entry and had a valuable season, but his younger brother Moon Yoo-hyun could not avoid sluggish performance and was pushed out of the U18 Asian Cup starting lineup. As a result, Moon Yoo-hyeon fell into a long slump.

Moon Jung-hyun said, “Last season, I occasionally온라인카지노 watched my brother’s games, but he played like a crazy person. I also went through such a slump, so I encouraged him through KakaoTalk. Looking back, it was all an experience, and I think I grew up because of that period,” he sent encouragement to his younger brother.

Moon Yoo-hyeon also responded to his brother’s advice. He said, “If you look at my performance, the value was inevitably low. It seems that I couldn’t do it too much. But if I do well, I think the value will go up again. I want to be evaluated as a proper me this season.”

“In fact, there are many people who call me Moon Jung-hyun’s younger brother. I’m proud that my brother became famous because he did well, but I’m not in a good mood. I have a great desire to be called Moon Yoo-hyun because I am good at it,” he said, revealing his aspirations.

It could be the first and last season to wear the same uniform and quilt the coat, so the Moon brothers risked life and death.

The Moon brothers said in unison, “The first goal is to win and win all the games this year, and the second goal is to share the joy of passing and scoring with each other on the court.”

Will Korea University be able to win two consecutive titles, with brothers Moon Jung-hyeon and Yoo-hyeon wearing the same uniforms following brothers Yeo Jun-hyung and Jun-seok last season?

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