Bento’s ‘God’s move’ revealed by Kim Jin-soo… “There was a reason for leaving the Ghana game”

Kim Jin-soo (30, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors) unveiled ‘God’s Move’ directed by Paulo Bento (53).

Kim Jin-su and Song Min-gyu appeared as guests on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ on the 15th and looked back on the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Kim Jin-soo played an active role as a key player in Bentoho, starting in all three group stage matches and the round of 16.

Kim Jin-soo also brought up the story of Bento’s exit from the game against Ghana. Previously, coach Bento was sent off after protesting strongly to referee Anthony Taylor immediately after the end of the second group match against Ghana.

At that time, referee Taylor ended the game ignoring Korea’s last corner kick opportunity. Korean players, including Kim Young-kwon, strongly appealed to this, and coach Bento immediately ran and protested. Referee Taylor took out a red card only for Bento.

After the game, an analysis came out saying that coach Bento deliberately protested harshly to protect the players. It was a story that referee Taylor put his hand on the card in his pocket while watching Kim Young-kwon, who had already given a warning, but coach Bento drew his attention and was sent off instead. 메이저놀이터

Kim Jin-soo admitted that “it seems there was a reason” as he recalled the situation of coach Bento’s exit. He said, “Actually, I didn’t know why the manager was angry at the stadium. Of course, I was angry, but I was a little surprised to see him do that (strong protest) for the first time. But later, I found out that there was a reason for everything.”

Kim Young-kwon was able to play in the last match of the group stage against Portugal, avoiding being sent off thanks to coach Bento. He even scored an equalizer and led Korea to miraculously advance to the round of 16. Indeed, Director Bento’s strong protest was a ‘God’s move’.

Kim Jin-soo added, “(Director Bento) distinguishes behavior inside and outside the playground. And even if he makes a mistake on the playground, he doesn’t change his evaluation because of that one. He’s a person with a lot to learn.”

Kim Jin-soo also revealed Bento’s last greeting. He said, “The coach said to the players, ‘Of all the players I have coached, I am most proud of you. I was happy to be with you.’

After completing a 4-year and 4-month journey with the Korean national team, coach Bento returned to his home country, Portugal, via Incheon International Airport on the night of the 13th. He is said to be taking a break and planning to find his next destination.  

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