Banhammer Pro is a WordPress security plugin that enables admins to monitor traffic and ban any target with a click. So you can protect against threats and increase site security.

Banhammer Pro brings awesome new features like whitelisting, bot detection, and editable targets. Plus, Banhammer Pro is lightweight, fast, and easy on resources. Perfect for the best WordPress sites.

Banhammer Pro gives you full control of site access. Visit the Armory to monitor traffic and track suspicious visits. Find someone causing problems? Drop the Banhammer!

All banned, warned, and whitelisted targets will be locked in the Tower, where you can manage, view details, leave notes, or even show mercy and restore site access. You always are in control.

Banhammer Pro - Protect Your Site

BANHAMMER PROProtect your site like a boss:Monitor traffic via Ajax-powered UIWarn, Ban, Restore, or Whitelist any targetTarget by IP, UA, user, request, or referrerDisplay custom banned message to targetsLightweight, fast and flexibleEasy and fun to use!

Banhammer Pro - Choose Thy Options

CHOOSE THY OPTIONSEnjoy simple yet powerful settings:Quickly enable/disable pluginDisable protection for logged-in usersEnable protection of the Login PageEnable protection of the Admin AreaCustom Banned Response and Email AlertsAdvanced settings for maximum control!

Banhammer Pro - Complete Inline Docs

COMPLETE INLINE DOCSGet complete information with a click:Documentation on every screenEasy to access from the Help tabGet complete infos, tips, and moreKeeps plugin pages nice and tidyComplete docs at your fingertips!

Banhammer Pro - Monitor Traffic

MONITOR SITE TRAFFICMonitor site traffic in the Armory:Complete Ajax-powered navigationUseful tools like jump, sort, searchEnable/disable logging with a clickView advanced data like POST and FILESSound effects for Ban and Warn buttonsAutomatically clear logged data

Banhammer Pro - Manage Banned Targets

MANAGE BANNED TARGETSManage banned and warned targets in the Tower:Complete Ajax-powered navigationWhitelist, restore, warn or ban any targetEdit/customize targets for greater controlCustomize ban message & add private notesHighlights current user in Armory and TowerSound effects for Ban, Warn, et al

Banhammer Pro - Drop the Banhammer

DROP THE BANHAMMERCustomize the banned response:Customize the response codeCustomize the banned responseOptional redirect for banned targetsEmail Alerts for banned and warned targetsSmart bot detectionSelf-ban safety net

Banhammer Pro - Powerful Features

POWERFUL FEATURESFine-grained control over everything:Edit any target via the TowerAdd private notes to warned/banned targetsEmail Alerts for warned and banned requestsChoose the interval to clear logged dataOne-click restore plugin default optionsAll collected data may be deleted easilyWhitelist IPs, User Agents, and moreAuto-import data from free versionManually add/block IP addresses

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