‘As much as Ohtani?’ ML’s swollen expectations for Lee Jung-hoo

The major leagues are also showing a lot of anticipation for Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), the practical leader of the Korean baseball team.

On the 11th (Korean time), the Major League homepage (MLB.com) announced the selection of the best players at each position to play an active part in the ‘2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC)’ to be held in March.

Prior to the selection, MLB.com explained, “The best star players from around the world gathered” and “not only records and statistics, but also the expectation of watching the selected players play for their respective countries was taken into account.”

The player who stands out the most is온라인카지노, of course, Lee Jung-hoo. That’s because he’s one of three spots in the outfield category among top players.

MLB.com said of Lee Jeong-hoo, “He’s not the best outfielder in this WBC, but he’s one of the most interesting players in the tournament.” And he won MVP with 23 home runs.”

“The Heroes club allowed Lee Jung-hoo to post requests so that he could play in the major leagues after the 2023 season. This WBC will be an opportunity for Lee Jung-hoo to introduce himself on a wider baseball stage.”

In fact, this WBC is expected to be a very good opportunity for Lee Jung-hoo to maximize his ransom. He is expected to play a pivotal role in the baseball team, and it is expected that major league scouts will fly all the way to Japan to observe and analyze Lee Jung-hoo’s every move.

If Lee Jung-hoo shows a clear presence in the WBC, he is expected to be treated as well as Japanese top-class hitters who have entered the big leagues through recent postings. In fact, in Japan last year, Suzuki Seiya signed a 5-year, 85 million dollar contract with the Chicago Cubs, and this season, Yoshida Masataka signed a 5-year, 90 million dollar contract with Boston.

On the other hand, the faces of the outfielders selected along with Lee Jung-hoo are also spectacular. MLB.com selected Mike Trout (LA Angels) and Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers), who were selected for the U.S. national team, for the other two positions besides Lee Jeong-hoo.

MLB.com said of them, “Trout is center fielder and Betts is right fielder. “The United States has the most strength,” he said. “Trout has never played more than 140 games in the last six years, but he is in the lineup and is a very productive hitter. Betts won the National League scoring title last year and also won a Gold Glove on defense.”

In Asia, along with Lee Jung-hoo, Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels) was selected in the ‘double sword’ category. Regarding Ohtani, “Ohtani is a unicorn. You can’t simply tie him to one position. He’s Freddy Freeman at the plate and comparable to Carlos Rodon on the mound. Watching Ohtani is a big fun of this WBC,” he introduced.

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