Arsenal’s traffic control, Marquinys rental… Trosar Recruitment Post-Work

Arsenal, which had already reinforced the second line, sent Marquinhos, who had not been able to get a chance to play, to Norwich City and organized the squad.

On the 31st (Korean time), English Championship (Part 2) club Norwich City announced that it had hired Arsenal’s Marquinnews on loan. Marquinhos 먹튀검증 will play for Norwich for the remainder of the 2022-2023 season.

Arsenal, number 1 in the English Premier League (EPL), needed to organize their attacking team as Belgian winger Leandro Trossar joined in the winter transfer market. The loan of Marquinhos, who had hardly been able to play, was a set procedure. Marquinhos joined Arsenal this season and played in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League to arrange the physical strength of the main players. He scored 1 goal and 1 assist in the Europa League. However, in the EPL, only one last-minute substitution was all that was put in.

Arsenal strengthened their attack base by signing Trosar and temporarily dropping Marquinhos. In the meantime, Arsenal has had Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka on the left and right sides in the EPL season. The attacking midfielder was also Martin Odegaard. At the forefront, Eddie Nketia filled the void well when Gabriel Jesus was missing, but that was all. This is because Emil Smith Rowe, a key second-line resource, left due to a long-term injury. With Trosar joining, a total of 6 players could take turns playing in the 4 spots in the first half, and it was breath-taking.

Norwich, where Marquinhos joined, are sixth in the Championship. 6th place is the final line to participate in the promotion playoffs. The competition for the 6th round was fierce, so we had to reinforce our strength somehow. If Marquenews adapts quickly, he will work with Josh Sargent, the representative of the country, and Timu Pukki, the representative of Finland.

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