Ankang Construction Recruited KLPGA Tour ‘Long Hit Queen’ Siwon Kim and Bogyeom Park

The ‘Ankang Construction Golf Team’, which was founded in March of last year and successfully settled on the KLPGA tour, announced the news of new player recruitment with the announcement of a new catchphrase for 2023. 메이저사이트

The Ankang Construction golf team, which consists of a total of 7 KLPGA pros, played well with key players such as Lim Jin-hee (26, Ankang Construction) winning the McCall-Mona Park Open, Lee Chae-eun (25, Ankang Construction), and Jeon Ye-seong (23, Ankang Construction). entered the top 10 19 times, and in the first year of establishment, golf fans clearly recognized the four letters of ‘Ankang Construction’.

In particular, with many construction companies establishing new golf teams in 2022, Ankang Construction is the only golf team that has won championships since the first year of establishment and has been listed in the TOP 10 several times. Compared to the existing clubs, he left a strong impression with a performance that was not pushed at all.

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