Anger at the sand dune → roar in the 8th episode of the promise, Lee Seung-yeop, right? “I didn’t look like that”

 “There was no appearance like that.”

Even those who closely watched Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop’s candid expression of emotion in the dugout seemed surprised. Baseball fans are reacting and enjoying each and every appearance of Lee Seung-yeop, who is different from when he was a player.

In the process of writing a drama against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 16th, director Lee expressed extreme emotions. Doosan was dragged 1-4 until the 6th inning, and was in danger of losing the first Jamsil Derby with LG with 4 consecutive losses. In many ways, the losing streak should not have been longer, but Yang Seok-hwan hit a 3-run home run to tie the game in the 7th inning, dramatically balancing the score at 4-4.

The full-fledged band electrode started in the 8th episode. After one run, Song Seung-hwan went on base due to a shortstop error, and Ahn Jae-seok hit a timely hit at second base with two outs and overturned the score to 5-4. Lee Yoo-chan, with second out and first base, continued to bat, and Ahn Jae-seok stole second base and got on the flow.

At this time, the startled director Lee’s scene was captured on the relay screen. The injury was fatal for Lee Yu-chan as a key player who has to lead the team as a shortstop this season. Coach Lee couldn’t hide his emotions at the moment, surprised that the player might have been hurt, but he soon managed to control his emotions and watched Lee Yoo-chan’s condition. Fortunately, Lee Yu-chan’s condition was not serious enough to walk to first base.

Continued 2nd out 1st and 2nd base chances. It was when Jeong Su-bin’s batted ball went over center fielder Hong Chang-ki’s head and became a timely triple with two RBIs. Coach Lee, who was watching the batted ball from the dugout, roared with his arms turned around like a operations coach excitedly with the players in the dugout. It was a moment when I felt how desperate it was to break out of the losing streak. Doosan then added 3 points and scored a whopping 6 points in the 8th inning alone, winning a 10-5 double victory. While escaping from three consecutive losses, the season record was 7 wins and 6 losses, and the winning rate was 50%. 토스카지노

After watching this scene, SPOTV baseball commentator Oh Jae-won said, “What was impressive in the hit-by-pitch (four ball) situation was that coach Lee Seung-yeop was a player who maintained a poker face no matter what damage was done to him when he was active. In any case, whether it was intentional or not, of course it wasn’t that kind of situation, it wasn’t intentional, but it seems that the mindset that coach Lee Seung-yeop was for our side was passed on to the players. .

Coach Lee said after the game, “In a situation where he was being dragged away, Yang Seok-hwan hit a valuable home run as a center hitter. Jae-seok Ahn must have felt burdened by starting for a long time, but he did not miss a chance. I also want to praise the stable defense at third base. There was a break period, so I put the Pilseungjoo right away. The players did not give up and were able to win as one.”

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