Ahn Hyun-soo was eliminated, no suitable person… What happened to the Seongnam City Hall ice rink?

Seongnam City Hall has put on hold the hiring of a coach for the ice team, which attracted attention when ‘Victor Ahn’ Hyeon-soo Ahn applied.
However, a few hours before this announcement, six players from Seongnam City Hall’s ice team, including Choi Min-jeong, posted a statement on social media asking them to “select a coach fairly and transparently.”
What the hell happened?
This is reporter Jeon Gwang-yeol. 메이저사이트

Seongnam City Hall announced that there were no successful candidates for the skating coach category while disclosing the list of final successful candidates for open recruitment for the workplace athletic department.

The reason was that many factors such as experience, awards, leadership and reliability were evaluated, but the right person could not be found.

▶ Interview (☎): Seongnam City Hall official
– “It was treated as no successful candidates. I think you can accept it as it is stated in the announcement.”

In December of last year, Seongnam City posted a recruitment notice to select coaches for the ice team, but controversy arose as Viktor Ahn, who was naturalized as a Russian citizen, and former Chinese short track coach Kim Seon-tae applied.

The final candidates were Mr. A and Mr. B, not former coaches Victor Ahn and Kim, and players such as Choi Min-jung were known to be dissatisfied with Mr. A’s internal policy, which was rumored to have lined up with influential politicians.

In the players statement, there is a phrase, “I believe that the coach selection process should be done fairly and transparently, not by outside influence.” Because of the stories surrounding it, the most important virtue of a leader took a back seat, so I was encouraged.”

Seongnam City Hall plans to reopen the ice team coach contest.This is MBN News Jeon Kwang-yeol.

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