A splendid feat on the ice, ‘the first promotion to the second division in Korean women’s hockey history’

The Korean women’s ice hockey team also won the game against Kazakhstan, achieving the feat of winning a promotion ticket to the second division of the World Championships for the first time in history with a 5-game winning streak.

Captain Han Soo-jin, who received a pass from veteran Park Jong-ah, scored the first goal.

One more goal was needed to win the title.

3 minutes and 37 seconds before the end, Kim Hee-won’s fantastic mid-range shot in a one-on-one situation!

A drama-like Wonder Goal takes place here!

Players rejoicing at incredible goals!

Soon after, when the thrilling one-goal victory was confirmed, all members of the national team came out to the rink and made a thrilling appearance in front of the goal for a while. 토스카지노

I even shed tears of emotion while listening to the resounding national anthem.

After winning all 5 matches, a truly beautiful challenge on the ice, our national team has borne fruit of promotion to the second division on the world stage for the first time in history.

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