A regular customer of the national team praises “Ko Young-pyo is an impeccable pitcher” Why?

 Dong-Eui University pitching coach Jeong Dae-Hyeon (45), who was so fiercely called a ‘regular customer of the national team’ during his active career, said, “It’s nothing to blame for the WBC team’s sidearm Koh Young-pyo (32, KT). A pitcher without it,” he praised. 

After graduating from Hwasun High School and Dongguk University, Ko Young-pyo, who started his professional life at KT in 2014, won 11 wins (6 losses) in 2021 and achieved his first double-digit victory in his debut, and last year he won 13 wins (8 losses), the most wins in a single individual season. made a new record. 

Standing tall as the best sidearm starting pitcher in the league by stepping on the 10-win mark for two consecutive years, he enjoyed the honor of being included in the 5th WBC national team list following the Tokyo Olympics. 

Coach Dae-hyeon Jeong never played with Ko Young-pyo during his active career, but he saw Ko Young-pyo’s true face while serving as the bullpen coach for the Tokyo Olympics. 

Coach Jung Dae-hyun, who recently had a phone call with the reporter, said, “Ko Young-pyo is an impeccable player. I saw him when he was a coach at the Tokyo Olympics, and he is a player that I rate very highly. Not only his personal performance, but also his attitude towards baseball and the preparation process before pitching are very good. Conversation When we shared it, I got the impression that he had the best mindset. Ko Young-pyo was a player who would do his part even if he was left alone,” he praised him sparingly.  온라인카지노

Also, “I think Ko Young-pyo is a really good player in every way. His skills are also his skills, but when I saw his training attitude, I thought that this is why he is good at baseball. I was very impressed.” It will be a good opportunity.” 

I also did not leave out the story about Lee Kang-cheol-ho’s other sidearm, Jung Woo-young (24). Jung Woo-young won 35 holds last year and took first place in this category. Expectations are high as a key member of the national team’s bullpen along with the king of salvation, Ko Woo-seok (25). 

Coach Dae-hyun Jeong said, “Jung Woo-young is a great pitcher who throws a really powerful ball. He was selected for the first time in the national team, and even if he thinks he is confident, there may come a moment when he feels the pressure. You don’t have to worry because the coaches (Jung Hyun-wook and Bae Young-soo) are there.”

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