A playoff that was like a war between the boss tiger who threw everything away

April 9th. Originally, today was the scheduled day for the 4th round of the semi-final playoff between KCC and SK. but there is no match This is because the series ended after 3 games.

The eventful season of KCC has come to an end.

Jeonju KCC Egis lost 72-77 in Game 3 of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Round of 6 playoff against Seoul SK Knights held at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 7th. KCC, which lost three games, ended the season by failing to advance to the semifinal playoffs.

The 2022-2023 season of Lee Seung-hyun, who obtained FA qualification ahead of this season and moved his team for the first time after joining the pro, also came to an end.

“Every time I lose like this, I always feel regretful. It was my first season after moving to free agency, and I think a lot of ‘I could have done a little better’… It’s such a pity.”

It was the best playoffs. But one step was missing. After a complete loss in Game 1, KCC, who was in a bad mood, seized the opportunity to win both Game 2 and Game 3. The second game ended with a 15-point lead in the third quarter, and the third game made a difference of up to 16 points at one point in the second quarter.

But SK’s back heart was scary. In the end, I couldn’t keep my previous score. For Lee Seung-hyun, the 2nd game, where he could not turn his 15-point advantage in the 4th quarter into a victory, remained a regret.

“The coach also told me to be careful of (Huh) Il-young’s 3-point shot during the meeting. I kept it well until the 3rd quarter, but I didn’t know it would hit like that in the 4th quarter. They jumped up and down in the middle and held a ceremony. Wow… I really couldn’t be so mean.”

“Actually, he’s a really close hyung. I’m grateful for taking care of me a lot since I was a rookie in Orion days. I probably won’t see it. I’m busy with my marriage, and I don’t want to see the playoffs without us. I’m not really interested in anything other than my own business. Haha”

After missing the second game after a close game in overtime, Lee Seung-hyun stopped for a while and stared blankly into space. There was a deep dejection on his face.

“For our team, which doesn’t have many backup resources, the older brothers in the front line put a lot of pressure on them. Because they have more activity than the center team, (Heo) Woong and (Jeong) Chang-young hyungs do the same. The performance was really good until the 3rd quarter, but the 4th quarter “I could clearly see that everyone was having a hard time. But I was also having a hard time. The players on the court tried not to show their hardships, but that was bound to show, and I did my best, but I went to overtime and gave up the game.”

“I also thought, ‘Is this really the end?’ It was a game where the players put in everything they had. But after losing like that, I think something collapsed and empty. I thought that luck wasn’t following me. I thought, ‘Isn’t it okay?’… But I think I tried to make up my mind because there was still a third game left.”

He did not forget his respect for his opponent, SK.

“Uh… It’s a strong team. They did well. It’s a team with (Kim) Seon-hyung hyung and (Jamil) Warney a sure scorer, but Seon-hyung couldn’t control the hyung, and he paid attention to the help defense against it, but it was also overloaded. It caught me. Warney is, well… needless to say, he’s a tough player.”

Ahead of the playoffs in the 6th round, Lee Seung-hyun was wary of the return of SK Choi Jun-yong. In terms of individual matchups, it is better to have an opponent who competes in strength, because Choi Jun-yong, who is responsible for a wide range with a lot of activity and movement, was relatively burdened.

Choi Jun-yong, whose possibility of returning was mentioned at the Playoff Media Day, was eventually left out of the playoff entry for the 6th round. However, the performance of Choi Bu-gyeong, who kept the position, was also surprising. Lee Seung-hyun and Choi Bu-kyung, who faced each other in the same position, were responsible for nearly 45 minutes in the second game, including overtime.

“(Choi) Pukyung hyung and I had some confidence in the matchup. But Bukyung hyung was really great too.

In the end, they gave up the series after 3 games.

“In this series, SK seemed like it could be caught, but it didn’t catch. That was really annoying. Although we didn’t do well in the first game, I don’t think we would have felt regret if we got knocked out like that. In the second and third games, we was ahead, and I thought I could win, but I thought I had it all… But… I couldn’t catch it in the end. .SK’s support team was really great. It was a tough series… but I really did my best.”

Lee Seung-hyun played a total of 106 minutes and 7 seconds in the 3 playoff games in the round of 6. Lee Seung-hyun is the only player who played more than 90 minutes in total at KCC. He poured out everything as much as he did.

“Right now, I just don’t feel like my body. I put my body down. Especially after the second game, my whole body really hurt. It’s been a while since I felt that way. I think it was more because I had to constantly bump into and fight throughout the game.”

Although spring basketball was over after three games, KCC fans applauded the fighting spirit shown in the last two games. The results were disappointing, but the efforts of the players who did their best were acknowledged. 카지노사이트

“Anyway, we didn’t produce results. We lost. We fell short, and this season, we didn’t live up to our expectations. But if the fans think that way, I’m really glad and thankful.”

In this way, the first season of Lee Seung-hyun’s transfer from KCC came to an end. He has personal affairs such as marriage, but after a short break, he has to prepare for a fierce war again. Finally, Lee Seung-hyun thanked his teammates who fought together through his difficult season.

“It was a season with a lot of twists and turns. It was the first time our team had so many injuries since I came to the pros. I had an injury too. It was the first time since my debut that I went through a season without being able to prepare for . Regarding the fact that I went, I want to say thank you to our team players for their hard work.”

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