A desperate conclusion

This summer is expected to be decorated with successive world major title finals. The 14th Chunran Cup, in which Byeon Sang-il and Li Xuan-hao collide, and the 10th round, Ying Cai (Shin Jin-seo vs. Sheke), which has been delayed for 3 years, will compete in the third final in July and August, respectively. Of these four players, except Shin Jin-seo, the other three are all first world major knocks. Depending on the results, a new world map is expected to be created. 먹튀검증

With both sides counting down, a right-handed fight continues. Black has the upper hand, but is not yet in a position to be certain of victory. ▲ 210 is an integer when patgam. If you receive it as ‘ga’ to see a profit, black plays 221 and then stabs it with 216. Up to 244, both sides are in perfect order. The number of people who ignored the fat feeling of ‘me’ and wrote the fat feeling with 245 was the loss of the 2nd album, and the AI ​​odds curve started to fluctuate.

If 250 was left as a reference drawing, it was argued that it would be a reversal, but as a result of close examination, it was concluded that the element of A after 17 was occupied, and black was short-haired. It is so complex that even artificial intelligence (AI) has been confused. 253 and 255 made a cool decision and the Black Victory became the dominant force, but the final hurdle still remained… . (214 220 226 232 238 244 249…△, 217 223 229 235 241 247…211)

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