A caring fan who cried when we won after 13 consecutive losses. Kim Seohyun has such fans

“Who would cry unless it was a family member or a really close acquaintance? The fans cry.”

Kim Seo-hyun, the first-choice rookie of the Hanwha Eagles, rode a roller coaster for a week. He received 500 million won, the highest contract for a rookie in 2023, and joined the first-team camp, and received fans’ expectations as he covered 온라인카지노151 km in his first bullpen pitching. However, he was soon punished by a training suspension after it became known to the outside world that he wrote a post criticizing coaches and fans on a private social media account.

On the 11th (hereafter Korean time), Kim Seo-hyun had his first training session after the suspension of training ended. He tearfully apologized to the players and coaching staff before training, and then took time to apologize to the fans against the reporters.

Kim Seo-hyun, who trained afterward, digested the training normally, and later volunteered to pitch in the bullpen. He hadn’t pitched in four days, so he was 13 short pitches, but still full of power.

During his disciplinary period, Kim Seo-hyun said that he visited the players one by one and apologized. An official from Hanwha called him for the purpose of reprimanding him. He tried to scold him, but the moment he saw Kim Seo-hyun’s face, he said he couldn’t. He was completely white, as if he already knew what he had done wrong.

The official told Kim Seo-hyun about a fan who cried while watching Hanwha’s victory in the past. On April 16, when the Hanwha Eagles suffered 13 consecutive losses in the opening match against Daejeon NC, Kim Tae-kyun’s come-from-behind two-run gun and barely escaped the losing streak with a 6-4 come-from-behind victory. At the time, Hanwha searched for the two female fans, and on May 19, held an event titled ‘Never Forget the Tears (I will not forget the tears of the day)’ in Daejeon Doosan, and invited the two female fans to pitch and hit. .

The official said, “I asked Kim Seo-hyun if she remembered a female fan who cried on the day Hanhwa broke its 13th consecutive loss, and Seo-hyun said she did.” No. I always told those fans to be grateful and act.”

Jung Woo-ram also told Kim Seo-hyun the importance of her fans. Jung Woo-ram, who said, “Since we made a mistake once, we must change a lot, work harder, become more mature, and train harder,” advised, “We exist because of our fans, and fans are really precious.”

Fans of other clubs call Hanwha fans ‘Bodhisattva’. It’s because I always support and cheer for them even if they are at the bottom or lose. In the future, when Kim Seo-hyun secures victory with a fastball, those fans will cheer the loudest.

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