A 15-year-old girl’s rebellion, Baek Se-eun advances to the finals

 In the 2023 Andong Open Tennis Tournament being held at the Andong Citizen Tennis Court in Gyeongbuk, 15-year-old Baek Se-eun (1st grader at Andong Girls’ High School) passed the preliminary round and advanced to the finals.

Sae-Eun Baek, who had advanced to the preliminary final after winning 6-4 2-6 [10-5] after a close match with her unemployed sister Mi-Jung Park (Changwon City Hall) the previous day, beat Na-Yeon Kim (Incheon National University) with a set score of 2-0 (6) on the last day of the preliminary round held on the 22nd. -3 6-3) and created a stir as the only female high school student to advance to the finals.

Based on her solid defense, Baek Sae-eun, who has a strong rising ball and net play, was born in Wolseong Elementary School in Changwon. She solidified her performance at Bokju Girls’ Middle School in Andong.  토스카지노

The Andong Tennis Association (Chairman Son Young-ja) gives Sae-eun Baek a chance to win 5 wild cards in the junior international tournament held in Andong, with her willingness, sincerity and good fighting spirit, and is helping Sae-eun Baek to develop her motivation and skills. .

Baek Se-eun said, “She passed the preliminary round on her own and advanced to the finals, so she is very happy. When she participated in the tournament, she did not even think about advancing to the finals, she just wanted to play her best, and she participated in the game with the mindset of learning from her seniors.” He expressed his strong will.

“The atmosphere at the open tournament is heavier and more tense than at the junior tournament,” she continued, “but she will do her best with the mindset of learning and having nothing to lose.”

When asked who her favorite player was, Baek Sae-eun said that she was from Andong High School and national representative Jung Bo-yeong (NH Nonghyup Bank), and said, “Your sister is her role model, and I really want to surpass her and advance into the world.”

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