’54-year-old’ Daesung Koo, who has been invincible, makes a sudden return to active duty “I made a pitching body of 130km”

Born in 1969. Goo Dae-seong (54), the ‘Invincible Daesung’, will make a surprise return to active duty.

On the 16th, Geelong Korea announced, “Gu Dae-seong, the first coach of Geelong Korea, has officially joined the team.”

He added, “We will be going to the last series with Adelaide starting on the 19th. Since we have been training steadily while teaching young players, you can expect a good look.”

With this, Koo Dae-sung will be playing in the Australian Professional Baseball League again after 4 years since the 2018-19 season. Koo Dae-seong, then coach of Geelong Korea, made a surprise appearance against Brisbane on January 20, 2019, recording one hit and no runs in one inning.

Koo Dae-seong, who has been playing active duty even at the age of well over 50, said, “Coach Lee Byeong-gyu and the club readily gave permission, so I can wear the Geelong Korea uniform again.” I can,” he said. 온라인카지노

He said, “I continued to build my body so that I could throw about 130km. I want to help the junior players who will play together. I will throw as many innings as possible to help the team.”

Koo Dae-sung is a living legend who played for the Hanwha Eagles from 1993 to 2010. He is the representative franchise player of Hanwha, who won the 1999 Korean Series MVP. He is the first Korean baseball player to play in four countries, Korea, Japan, the United States, and Australia, including Japan Professional Baseball Orix Blue Wave and MLB New York Mets. He appeared in 569 KBO League career games, recording 67 wins, 71 losses, 214 saves and 18 holds with an earned run average of 2.85.

Currently, the oldest pitcher in the Australian Professional Baseball League is Chris Oxspring (46), who is playing as a coach and player for the Sydney Blue Sox. Oxspring, who also pitched against Geelong Korea twice, was born in 1977 and is 8 years younger than Koo Dae-seong. Koo Dae-seong became the oldest pitcher in the Australian league at once.

Geelong Korea’s first coach and third-term coach Koo Dae-sung and Lee Byeong-gyu never played on the same team, but they worked together several times in the national team.

In particular, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, he played a big role in pitching and won a bronze medal for Korea. He also played an active part as a key member in the 1st WBC tournament in 2006, when he succeeded in advancing to the semifinals.

Geelong Korea is on a record of 13 wins and 22 losses with 5 games left (6th overall). Geelong Korea will play the match against Melbourne, which was canceled due to rain on the 17th and reorganized, before moving to Adelaide for the final round of the 2022-23 season.

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