4 years of pushing with ‘good persistence’, we need a director like that once again

Coach Paulo Bento’s distinct philosophy is also an indicator for Korean football to move forward. Even the players want a manager like that.

After the 2022 Qatar World Cup round of 16 match against Brazil on the 6th (Korean time), coach Bento met with reporters in the joint coverage area and announced that he would come down from the Korean national soccer team command tower. Coach Bento, who took over the Korean baton in August 2018, led Korea for more than four years, and successfully ended it by advancing to the round of 16 for the third time in history.

It was the performance that received as much praise as the result. He proved that Korea can win the World Cup with active soccer, not passive soccer. The group stage 1 and 2 matches against Uruguay and Ghana were disappointing, with 1 draw and 1 loss. Even in the crisis of elimination, domestic soccer fans applauded and cheered until the end. Because there was hope in the game. The match against Uruguay, which was evaluated as a ‘formidable enemy’, was said to be a success even if it was drawn, but when I opened the lid, I fought so well that it was regrettable that I could not win. Ghana was completely overpowered with 22-7 in the number of shots. In the end, a miracle happened to catch Portugal in the third game and follow the number of cases. It was no different from the last 2010 World Cup in South Africa to go up to the round of 16 with a pull-up, but if you look at it in detail, it was full of praiseworthy elements. 스포츠토토

A typical example is that the philosophy coach Bento has been pushing for four years has succeeded. Philosophy was also expressed in stubbornness. This is because Bento’s football style did not always work well, and he pushed through even when he was fluctuating. It was the same even when the criticism poured in. Lee Jae-seong said on his blog that he wrote a series of columns, “When I saw Director Bento, I thought, ‘Is there anyone who is not shaken like this?’ did.

Lee Jae-seong also emphasized, “I think the most important condition (for the successor coach) is a clear philosophy.” A prerequisite is ability. According to Kim Pan-gon, former head of the Korea Football Association’s national coaching staff, each member of the Bento division is an expert in each part, and the teamwork is excellent. The bond was also great. It has been in an orderly direction to pursue one philosophy and has been going on for 4 years. Manager Kim Pan-gon also evaluated, “I did that for four years, and I became one with the players, but it makes no sense that the results are not coming out.” The Korea Football Association trusted coach Bento to the end no matter what, and it eventually turned out to be a success.

The close relationship between coach Bento and the players also played a big role. Coach Bento gave priority to players unconditionally in his selection of players. Typical examples include Son Heung-min’s MRI results during the second round of the World Cup finals and resolutely excluding him from the list, and sending Kim Min-jae home, saying that his child was sick during the call-up for the national team. Lee Jae-seong said, “(Coach Bento) protected us a lot. Watching such a coach, the players also built their trust in the coach. I wanted to repay the coach who believed in us and protected us.”

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