30% batting average – 40% on-base percentage – 20 home runs – 30 stolen bases… Ha-seong Kim, the birth of ML’s strongest hitter ‘imminent’

30% – 20 home runs – 30 stolen bases – 40% on-base rate… Is Kim Ha-seong reborn as the best hitter in the major leagues?스포츠토토

The morale of Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres in the US Major League pierces the sky. Now, I wonder how far Ha-seong Kim will go.

In the home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 5th (hereafter Korean time), Kim Ha-seong played an active role with 2 hits and 1 walk in 4 at-bats, fulfilling his role as a leadoff. 3 on base on multi-hit. And it was a 10-game hitting streak.

The highlight of the day was that he added two stolen bases. Ha-seong Kim made his first stolen base after going on base with a hit in the first inning. Season 23. Choo Shin-soo broke the Korean major league record for the most stolen bases in a season. And after getting a hit in the third inning, he stole second base again, increasing the number of stolen bases to 24 for the season. Now, every time a stolen base is added, a new history in the Korean major leagues will be written.

Ha-seong Kim stepped on the 100-hit mark of the season with two hits that day. He raised his batting average from 2/8 4 to 2/8 7. On the last 2 days, it just passed 208 pun at 2 8 1 ri, and after that, it rose 6 ri in two games. At the current pace, even a 30% challenge is by no means impossible.

The same goes for on-base percentage. He is demonstrating excellent contact skills and even a visionary. Hits and walks come out evenly in every game. His performance against the Dodgers brought his on-base percentage to 3.8 2 leagues. 9th overall in the National League. A 40% on-base percentage is also quite challenging. Currently, there are only four National League players with an on-base percentage of over 40%: Juan Soto (San Diego Padres), Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta Braves), Luis Araez (Miami Marlins), and Freddy Freeman (LA Dodgers).

He also tied for fifth in the league with Starling Marte (New York Mets) in stolen bases. 51 No. 1 Acuna Junior is ‘overkill’, but it is only 2 gaps from No. 3 Nico Horner (Chicago Cubs). Ha-seong Kim is expected to be able to turn around and fill 30 stolen bases.

If he achieves a batting average of 30%, an on-base percentage of 40%, and 30 stolen bases, Ha-seong Kim can establish himself as the best No. 1 hitter in the major leagues. A home run here is a bonus. If he hits 20 homers, he will be recognized as the strongest ‘human weapon’ with long hitting power.

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