2 consecutive wins 5 consecutive wins against Kiwoom Samsung Lions… Challenge to rise to the top

The Samsung Lions, who made a 50% win rate with 5 consecutive wins,  will play 3 home games during the week against the Kiwoom Heroes, who are in 8th place with 2 consecutive losses  . In the Suwon expedition last weekend, Samsung  won 5 consecutive wins by winning all 3 matches  against kt wiz following the previous two wins against Doosan  . Samsung  also recorded  a record of winning by one point throughout  these 5 games, and the opponent ktwiz was swept by Samsung and fell into a 9-game losing streak in 7 years 먹튀검증. It is evaluated that Samsung, where the harmony of the batting line is established from center hitters such as Oh Jae-il and Koo Ja-wook to young players, has laid the foundation for a leap to the top ranks by winning more victories with concentration that does not give up until the end. In particular, on the mound, which was pointed out as a weakness , the strength of the bullpen, centered on Kim Tae-hoon, who was recruited from Kiwoom, along with the stability of the starters,  strengthened the back door, and is expected to rise in the future. Kiwoom, who met Samsung in the first 3 consecutive matches in May, showed an uneasy appearance by going back and forth between losing and winning streaks recently, 4 wins and 6 losses in 10 games, and has recently fallen into two consecutive losses. couldn’t stop it. The three-game series between the two teams is attracting attention in that it is a head-to-head confrontation with Kiwoom, who gave away center hitter Lee Won-seok and the right to nominate newcomers after Samsung recruited Kim Tae-hoon. unfold the event.

Daegu Cultural Broadcasting is  broadcasting the first and second games of the three- week series between Samsung and Kiwoom, who are playing three-game  home games ahead of Children’s Day, on the radio.

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