19-year-old Kim Seo-hyun, 158km before debut

7 innings against Doosan, 1 inning 2K… Kim Seo-hyeon (19, Hanwha) , the foundation for Hanwha’s 7-6 victory,

made a perfect professional baseball debut. Kim Seo-hyun took the mound in the beginning of the 7th inning when the two teams were 5-5 against Doosan in Daejeon on the 19th and pitched a scoreless inning. He threw 17 pitches and turned three batters with two strikeouts and one grounder. From the first ball thrown against Doosan Rojas, 156 km/h was recorded on the display board, and then fast balls in the middle and late 150 km were successively inserted. The maximum speed is 157.9 km per hour (KBO official standard). According to the club’s own measurement, it was 160.1 km.

Kim Seo-hyun was called the strongest pitcher in high school baseball along with Shim Jun-seok (19, Pittsburgh Pirates), who was the same age as Seoul High School, and wore a Hanwha uniform with the first overall rookie draft. Ahead of the season, he showed good performances with an ERA of 1.80 in 5 demonstration games and was expected to join the opening roster, but coach Carlos Subero sent him to the Futures League (second team) first to systematically develop him. Kim Seo-Hyun also played an active part in 5 games, 7 innings, 1 run and 11 strikeouts in Futures, and Moon Dong-Ju (20), who emerged as Hanwha’s ace this season, was taken out of the 1st team on the 19th for a break and got a chance. Kim Seo-hyun said that after hearing about the call-up the night before, she came to Daejeon Baseball Stadium in the morning by bus and taxi from Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do.토스카지노

Daejeon fans also welcomed him. Cheers greeted Seohyun Kim as she stepped onto the mound, and cheers erupted from the crowd whenever she threw a fastball. Kim Seo-hyun said, “I tried to calm my excitement because the fans cheered me on,” and said, “I dreamed of hitting a home run while sleeping for a while before the game, but it’s fortunate that it didn’t come true.” He also said, “The speed was good, but the control was satisfactory. It was helpful to refine my control in the second group.”

Hanwha won 7-6 thanks to Noh Soo-gwang’s 2 RBI sacrifice fly at the end of the 8th inning. The lowest-ranking KIA defeated Lotte 6-0 and escaped from a 5-game losing streak. KIA Choi Hyeong-woo, who hit a double in the beginning of the second inning, tied the record for the most doubles (464) held by Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop. LG won 7-5 victory over No. 1 NC and took the lead.

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