173cm Japanese outfielder, 110 billion won contract… Can Lee Jung-hoo also make a jackpot contract?

This is the special treatment that Masataka Yoshida (29), who is considered one of the best hitters in Japanese professional baseball despite his short 173cm body, received when he entered the major leagues.

Yoshida, who entered the US with a posting system, signed a large contract with the Boston Red Sox on the 8th for a five-year contract worth 90 million dollars (117 billion won).

Boston invested a total of 137.2 billion won in Yoshida, including paying 15.37 million dollars (about 20 billion won) to Orix as a transfer fee.

Regarding the special treatment Yoshida received, not only Japan but also Korea are responding with surprise.

Seiya Suzuki, the “Japanese giant outfielder,” who signed a five-year, $85 million (approximately KRW 110.7 billion) contract with the Chicago Cubs last year, has a batting average of 0.262 this season with 14 homers and 46 RBIs, below expectations. Because the contract came out.

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It remains to be seen what kind of performance Yoshida will achieve in American professional baseball, but it is clear that major league scouts valued Yoshida highly.

Left-handed outfielder Yoshida, who debuted with Orix in 2016, has recorded a high batting average of 0.320 or higher every year since 2018, when he became the starting pitcher, and averaged 22 homers over the past six years.

Looking at the classic stats alone, it doesn’t sound like an outstanding performance, but if you look at the OPS and Saber stats, which combine on-base percentage and slugging percentage, you can see why he is considered the best hitter in Japan.

Yoshida’s career OPS is 0.960, and his wRC+ (adjusted scoring ability) reaches a whopping 174.

Lee Jung-hoo (182.5) is the only player who recorded a wRC+ of 174 or higher in Korean professional baseball this season, and Lee Jung-hoo’s career wRC+ is 142.4. (Based on Stats)

In particular, this season, which led Orix to win the Japan Series, it recorded OPS 1.008 and wRC+ 201, both of which ranked first in the Pacific League.

Another reason Boston greatly appreciated Yoshida’s potential for success was his phenomenal contact ability and initiative.

While boasting a career batting average of 0.327, his walk-to-strikeout ratio reaches 1.40.

Last season, he appeared in 110 games, striking out only 26 times and walking 58.

He struck out 41 times this season, but his walks totaled 80, nearly twice as many strikeouts.

Yoshida’s base running and defense skills are evaluated as not good, but Boston believes that Yoshida’s excellent contact ability and pioneering strategy can work well in the major leagues.

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Attention is also focused on the treatment Lee Jung-hoo, who has a strong chance of advancing to the major leagues after the next season after Yoshida’s contract, will be treated.

Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes, 24 years old) said, “It seems that Asian players are continuing to sign good contracts and advance to the US.”

Lee Jung-hoo and Yoshida have many similarities. He has a cool full swing at a left-handed hitter, but boasts sophisticated contact skills.

Lee Jung-hoo recorded similar results to Yoshida this season (batting average 0.349, OPS 0.996, wRC+ 182.5) and stood tall as the best player in Korean professional baseball.

However, he has many other advantages than Yoshida.

First of all, he is 185cm tall, 12cm taller than Yoshida, and compared to Yoshida, who is average in defense and running, he is evaluated as excellent in defense, throwing, and baserunning.

In addition, the fact that he is 5 years younger than Yoshida (29) and still has great potential for growth is a factor that can be highly evaluated. 토토사이트

However, as Korean professional baseball is not highly regarded compared to Japanese professional baseball, it is unclear whether it will be treated better than Yoshida.

Still, it is expected that Kim Ha-seong, who was a team senior, will be treated more than 4+1 years, up to $ 39 million (50.8 billion won), when he entered San Diego, USA in 2021.

The important thing is now the performance of the upcoming 2023 season. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jung-hoo will be able to advance to the American stage with a record that exceeds his performance this season.

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